Meet The Artists – Sierra Carlson

Sierra Carlson

Name: Sierra Carlson

City/State: Chicago, IL

Racial / Ethnic Identity: White

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Female, Hetero

Why do you want to write for Rescripted?: I want to write for Rescripted because I want to support a platform for socially-conscious culture writing that questions the status quo and celebrates the revolutionary.

What are your artistic disciplines?: Dramaturg, Writer, Director, Writer

What “lenses” do you bring with you when you go to a show?: Female, News-Junkie, Activist, Theatre Artist, Virginian

Who is your favorite theatre artist and why?: What a painfully difficult question to answer. Right now, I can’t stop thinking about Alice Birch. Reading an Alice Birch script, or watching one on stage, or working with a production, you can feel the playwright figuring something out for herself. Along the way, you find questions and answers that you hadn’t considered before but for some reason have always been in the back of your mind. Alice Birch does something that I love to see… plays with familiar narrative.

What is your horoscope and how does it manifest in your writing?: As a Taurus, I have an admiration for the ambitious and sensual. Eye-catching and inventive use of space stays with me after I leave and undoubtedly what I will write about. That being said, as a grounded sign, I desire writing that is rooted in strong narrative and compelling characters.

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