Artist Profile: Katherine O’Keefe

Katherine O’Keefe

City/State: Lost Angeles, California

Age: A quarter of a century

 Racial/Ethnic Identity: White/Irish American

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Professional Queermo

Bio: I’m the managing editor of this website, I write plays and musicals, and like everyone else in Los Angeles, I sometimes work for television shows, and of course I have a podcast.

Why do you want to write for Rescripted?: I want to write for Rescripted because there is a need for a place to magnify the words of those who work, live, and love theater, who are a part of the diverse world we live in, a world that is not currently represented in theater criticism.

 What are your artistic disciplines?: Playwriting, Screenwriting, Podcasts

What “lenses” do you bring with you when you go to a show?: Queer, former Catholic, White, Female, extremely critical yet terrified of hurting anyone’s feelings. Who is your favorite theater artist and why: I have a podcast about Shakespeare because deep down I’m basic.


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