Meet the Artists – Kristin Idaszak

Kristin Idaszak

City/State: Chicago, IL

Racial / Ethnic Identity: White

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Genderqueer woman

Why do you want to write for Rescripted? I believe that peer-to-peer artist dialogue, cultural critique, and criticism is essential to a vibrant theatrical ecosystem, and that engaging in these robust conversations will help move our field into the future we collectively envision.

What are your artistic disciplines? Playwright, dramaturg, deviser, producer, professor

What “lenses” do you bring with you when you go to a show? Queer, chronically ill, ecofeminist, climate advocate

Who is your favorite theatre artist and why? Naomi Iizuka, whose work inspires me every time I return to it on the page or onstage and who is also a venerable mentor to her students and the next generation of playwrights and theatre makers.


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