Rescripted is a collective of theatre professionals from all levels of the field,  who are interested in engaging with the work of their peers on a critical level. There is no record of the theatre we make apart from photos, occasional video, and reviews. The impact of theatre in our historical record is relegated to trusted publications with long-standing critics, and there is no societal record for how the artists feel about the art we are making. The commentary is out there: we see eloquent Facebook posts and passionate blogs, but Rescripted aims to give a platform upon which the historical record of how we felt about what we made can live. 

Rescripted will be shaped by the people who contribute to it and the conversations they are interested in having. We will be publishing reviews, artist interviews, essays on topics pertinent to our field, and anything else contributors to the arts deem important. We come from a supportive framework: we engage critically but respectfully, and furthermore we encourage responses and dialogue via Rescripted. Someone writes a review you disagree with? Pitch us your response. We want to know what you think about the art you make and see.  Most of all, we want to provide a path for open conversation between critic and artist, and make space for those identities to live in one person.

We believe that we should have a place in the historical record of dialogue alongside major news publications, because we’re the ones immersed in the practice of making art. When we go see a show, we can apply our own expertise and cultural awareness to give you a fair, honest critique through our lens. Our writers don’t pretend to be anything we aren’t: we’re biased and we’re going to let you know about it in our artist profiles, so you can see exactly why we have these unique points of view.

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